The Asistent ‎– Anja A Paměti Lidi (Anja And The Memory People)

Horror Pop Sounds


July 2016 

Original Soundtrack to 1970s/80s Czech psychoilogical thriller TV series Anja A Paměti Lidi (Anja And The Memory People) in which a paraoid man suspects that his girlfriend is stealing his memories while he sleeps. She dismisses this as madness but her attempts to get him help gradually lead her to suspect that the secret police are really to blame. Is it all in his head, her head or are the government really stealing peoples' memories?

A synth heavy soundtrack with ominous and menacing themes and incidental music cues. It was released in a very limited format on cassette and download only.

Track list

Side 1

  1. Opening Scenes - Wake Up Call
  2. Anja And The Memory People - Opening Titles
  3. Paranoid Street Scene
  4. At Night - Memory
  5. An Unmarked Truck
  6. Street - Headlights
  7. Radio Voices - Woodland Memory - Prauske Metro
  8. The Memory People

Side 2

  1. Changing Trains - City/Country
  2. The Operating Theatre
  3. Out Of The Past - Mixed Memories
  4. At The Lake
  5. The Phone Call - A Warning
  6. Anja Drives Out Of The City
  7. The Memory People - Closing Credits