A Beard of Bees

Static Caravan


July 2020 

A shared 7" release with Tunng (Tunng Vs Dollboy People Folk / Cymbaline And Celeste) prompted a connection to Static Caravan Recordings who added a Dollboy tune to a compilation album which, in turn lead to the issue of the third Dollboy album on CD, A Beard of Bees.

This record marked a significant move forward as it largely dropped the instrumentals of the previous albums and was the first set of songs with vocals and lyrics. This had happened largley by accident. I'd roped in my mate Stan to do a show and inadvertently copied a song with vocals onto the CDr I'd given him to learn the tracks from. He insisted on performing it and it had a better reception than anything else in the set. It's also the first time I ever released a cover version - we did a version of The Monks', "He Went Down To The Sea" alongside a set of originals that played around with folk music, Harmoniaesque electronica and even prog. There's even a secret track on the end.

Video by Alan Day
Sleeve by Frink Design

Track list

  1. One Liner
  2. California
  3. Hello Sailor !
  4. He Went Down To The Sea
  5. A Beard Of Bees
  6. Tea Dance
  7. Jet Age Kids
  8. Lead Boots
  9. Tan Don't Burn
  10. Endless
  11. Heavenly
  12. Oh Ahab !
  13. A Place In The Sun