Casual Nudism

Arable Records


September 2006

The second Dollboy album was issued in 2006 on Robin Saville's Arable Records. Don't look for it, it's not there now. This record was made with a greater sense of purpose and identity than the previous one and used sounds and techniques that I'd been exposed to over the previous year or two as I'd drifted into an organic, folkier groove - dare I say it, this sounds like folktonica. Like Plans for a Modern City, it was released on CD but there was a limited vinyl version; two in fact as we had to issue it in a different sleeve in Japan as the standard sleeve art was considered to "risque" for that market! The other aspect it shares with Plans is Jack Hayter, who has played on most of my records since 2004. He played lap steel on many tracks but a very odd, untuneable hollow, aluminium bodied acoustic lapsteel guitar on Black Sun, which is, in fact named after this instrument. The clarinet on Odd Man Out was played by Martin Smith of Tunng and there was some glokenspiel played by Alan Outram of Woodcraft Folk.

Sleeve was by Glen @ Square Eyes

Oliver Cherer

Track list

  1. Black Sun
  2. Odd Man Out
  3. Aquasek
  4. Dadgad
  5. Casual Nudism
  6. Bala
  7. Abendmahl
  8. Ringers
  9. Pauline's Shades
  10. Underground/Overground
  11. Jungfrau