Dollboy ‎– Further Excursions Into The Ulu With Dollboy

Kooky Records


20 Aug 2012

The fourth Dollboy record continued the exploration into the art of songwriting that had started in earnest on A Beard of Bees. The songs on Ulu are all originals this time and was made in my home studio with additional recording undertaken by Andy Clavert on drums and Alan "Stan" Day on guitars, vocals and other jiggery pokery.

The style was more "folk-rock" than before and more than a little psychedelic around the edges. The cover was hand painted by a barge painter/signwriter and the title came from Stan, an army expression for "up country" or anywhere outside the safety of camp. It was only issued on CD.

Track list

  1. All Of The Stars Part 1
  2. 7 Again Or Dust
  3. Alice In Clearwater
  4. Helicopter/Microbes
  5. The Ventriloquist
  6. Love Your Mother
  7. Arctic Winter
  8. Friendly Borders
  9. No Trubba!
  10. A Golden Age
  11. The Sun Will Rise
  12. All Of The Stars Part 2