Gilroy Mere ‎– The Green Line

Clay Pipe Music

Pipe 017

August 2017

The Green Line is a record about the Green Line buses that used to run from London out into the countryside of the home counties when I was a child living in London's deep south (i.e. South Croydon), conecting the capital with its lungs. It's loosely based around a journey out through the suburban landscape of houses with names to the south-east's beauty spots and the sea before turning for home.

As a suburban child growing up in South London I saw red buses going into town and green buses going out. The Green Line ferried Londoners out to Kent, Sussex and Box Hill. My road felt like the border between town and country.

The houses, detached and semi-detached had names and were all red brick, mock Tudor or 1930s “moderne”, and they flickered past on our way to days out in the endless summers that are childhood:

...Windward, Fairisle, High Trees, Dunroamin’, Chez Nous, Woodlands, Hillcrest, Hillside, The Laurels, Sunnyside, The Beeches, Springfield, Fairview, Wayside, Oaklands, Treetops, Rose Bower, The Old School House……

Track list

  1. Dunroamin'
  2. Cuckoo Waltz
  3. RLH48
  4. Hop Pickers
  5. A Lychgate
  6. On Ditchling Beacon
  7. I Can See The Sea From Here
  8. The Green Line
  9. Moss And Yew
  10. Just Turn For Home