Rhododendron - One

Deep Distance



Following a 10" RSD and then a 12" single Dom Martin's Deep Distance issued Rhododendron's debut and, so far, only full length album, One. Written and recorded by Oliver Cherer and Darren Morris (Steve Mason, David Holmes, Ashley Beadle etc.) in adjacent studios in St Leonards, East Sussex and including Owen Hills and Andy Calvert on harmonica and drums this is a rocking, uncompromising, largely electronic LP with a mix of instrumentals and vocal songs.

Track list

A side

  1. New Europe
  2. Monorail
  3. Car Crash - Lights Off
  4. Church Of T

B side

  1. Little Rocks
  2. Brute Blaster
  3. A Foreign Language
  4. Paris Rendezvous (Slight Return)