Gilroy Mere - Over the Tracks

Clay Pipe Music

pipe 023

03 Mar 2020

Over the Tracks is a limited edition EP released on red flexidisc with accompanying gatefold style sleeve and cut-out-and-make model of St Leaonards West Marina Station. The artwork is by Frances Castle, proprietor of Clay Pipe Music and the model is by Gary Willis who designed tthe cut-out-and-make bus for The Green Line LP. The flexidisc contains one tune, Over the Tracks and the other two are available, along with the first as downloads.

The three pieces of music are an attempt to evoke rail travel and the long gone station at St Leonards West Marina which was lost in the 1960s to the Beeching cuts. It was released as a taste of things to come on the associated album, Adlestrop, released Summer 2020.

Oliver Cherer

Track list

  1. Over the Tracks
  2. Swallows
  3. St Leonards West Marina