Plans for a Modern City

Different Drummer



Plans for a Modern City was the first album I finished and the first I released. It was released by Different Drummer having been picked up by Nick Luscombe at xFM and Pete Lawrence at The Big Chill. The name, Dollboy was the name my friend Anna Haigh had written her nickname for me on the CDr as she passed it to the first of a series of hands though which it passed. This triggered the chain of events that got the first Dollboy record out, a collaboration with Tunng and a series of appearances at The Big Chill over the next few years.

The album was made after Cooler, the band I'd started with James Atkin (EMF) and Anna Haigh (Red Snapper/Bocca Juniors) had split up. It had been a very noisy and frantic three years and so I ended up making beatless "music to listen to in the bath". It was made entirley without ambition and for my own pleasure but by almost accident turned into something else. It includes Hatterjax, the first of many collaborations with the ragged glory that is Jack Hayter.

Sleeve was by Glen @ Square Eyes

Oliver Cherer

Track list

  1. Juicyfruit
  2. On The Bus
  3. China
  4. Cymbaline & Celeste
  5. Monks & Bells
  6. How We Behave
  7. Aisle 9
  8. In Silence
  9. Hatterjax
  10. Sleepers
  11. Splash
  12. How We Behave