Dollboy ‎– Rites and Rituals

Modern Aviation

12 Jan 2018

Rites and Rituals is more rigorous attempt to make the dark, indiginous English Folk Music first tried o;ut on the Sir Ollife Leigh album. Again, it's a product of my obsession with Russel Hoban's Ridley Walker and as such was conceived as a record of an anthropological trip into a post-apocaplyptic future! It was written and recorded very quickly over a two or three week period using some quite primitive methods including a very shakey accumulator setup in the style of Terry Riley's late 60s records and Eno's early collaborations with Robert Fripp. the tape recorders were mismatched one needed constant tweaking to allow the one machine to catchup to the other.

Track list

  1. Sunrise
  2. Temple
  3. Ceremony
  4. Dance of Rags
  5. Procession
  6. Ritual of Oaths
  7. Burial Rite
  8. Death Rite
  9. Ballet of Blades
  10. Ceremony of Metals
  11. Dusk Ceremony
  12. Evening Ritual