Robin Saville & Oliver Cherer - Sizewell

Modern Aviation


July 2020 

Sizewell is a collaborative multi-media project by Oliver Cherer and Robin Saville.

Robin lives near Sizewell nuclear power stations and we both visited the the site, made field recordings and produced music inspired by our experiences and the atmosphere of the place.

Although split into two long tracks - Sizewell A and Sizewell B - the album is varied in tone and approach. Field recordings and ambient music rub shoulders with folk guitar and electronics. Alternately ominous and euphoric, it's an evocative record of this strange feature of the Suffolk coastline.

The album was released in an edition of 150 copies, on two-tone blue and white cassette, with an A5 photozine. This includes photographs from the site, an essay by the artists and a link to the 19-minute Sizewell film.

Original artwork by Sarah Batchelor.

Track list

  1. Sizewell A
  2. Sizewell B