The Whalebone Box

Invada Records

February 18, 2020

Andrew Kotting is one of the UK's most highly regarded film makers. For the soundtrack of his new film, The Whalebone Box he used various pieces of music by Dollboy, The Assistant and my close friend and collaborater, Riz Maslen, among others and chopped and filtered and repurposed them into his trademark collage of sound and music. It's a gentle, savage, unnerving warm bath of noise, music and references that is an integral part of the film and as much Andrew as it is us.

Later he gave his completed soundtrack back to me and Riz and asked us to remix/repurpose it again into something new to release as a double vinyl LP. Invada Records took this on though the release of the vinyl is currently delayed due to the more or less worldwide lockdown. For now the record is available from their download shop.

Oliver Cherer

Track list

  1. Soundings
  2. The Passage Out
  3. The Sperm Whale
  4. Far Away Land
  5. The Filthy Enactment
  6. The Whiteness Of The Whale
  7. A Cold War For The Whale
  8. Sealed Orders
  9. The Divine Magnet
  10. Very Like A Whale
  11. The Correct Use Of Whales
  12. The Whale Watch
  13. The Melancholy Whale
  14. The Ends Of The Earth
  15. The Final Chase